Breakfast Experiment!

Huevos Rancheros with Country Potatoes! (yum)

Huevos Rancheros with Country Potatoes! (yum)

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Soooo…Lulu made this incredible breakfast recently (pictured above) & I (Nikki) was like “Bam….I want to share it with our peeps” LOL. But as you may know by now (or maybe you’ll learn to know) LOL….I LOVVVVEE sharing helpful tips with you about nutrition & health & all that good stuff, so I thought I’d share this really fun experiment that you can try out for yourself, if you’d like. I’ve had others do this for themselves & they always tell me how helpful it is in determining what kind of breakfasts they like ;)

See…what I’ve found over the years with Coaching & helping others is that breakfast can be really confusing for so many people…… “Should I eat breakfast? What should I eat? I don’t have time for all that….Do you even know my life????” I’ve got lots of responses from people. LOLOL As you can imagine.

Seriously though. Finding out your unique needs when it comes to breakfast can be really great for your health & well-being and sometimes we find that we’re eating foods we hate or that are not making us feel good (but don’t even know it!) So here we go….

Experimenting with different foods is a fantastic way to tune into your bio-individual needs. (That means your UNIQUE NEEDS as a human) Remember that term Bio-individual because we’ll be using it often & going more in depth with it soon.

Breakfast is an especially great time to experiment, as it sets the tone for the rest of your day. So here’s what we want you to do!

Jot down what you eat and how you feel, both right after eating and again two hours later. Sit quietly after you eat and reflect. Note how your energy levels, mood, and physical symptoms are affected by the food in your body.

This is SO important to tune into because a lot of times the way we feel later in our day can be a big reflection of how we started it ;) Some foods may make you feel a certain way & you might not be aware of it. We’re providing a quick inspo list for you to go off of so you can experiment. But of course….switch some things up that suit you & the way you eat. But do try to mix it up because you could be missing out on what would be your IDEAL breakfast or become super aware of what isn’t good for your body, if you explore a little ;)

We decided to pick things that are common & simple go to’s for most people today (especially during the week) We recommend really STICKING to the full 7 days to see how different foods work for you and make you feel. It’s also probably a good idea to wake up a tad bit earlier if you’re someone who usually skips breakfast due to not having enough time.

So basically…HERE’S YOUR PEP TALK for those who like rules! — It’s time to WAKE UP & START YOUR DAY LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE!! LOL #yougotthis

Day 1 - Try something with EGGS! (organic & fresh is always best)

Day 2 - Veggies

Day 3 - Oatmeal or another grain product

Day 4 - Boxed Cereal

Day 5 - Muffin & Coffee

Day 6 - Fresh Fruit

Day 7 - Smoothie

*Don’t forget to Sit quietly after you eat and reflect. Keep a little notebook & note how your energy levels, mood, and physical symptoms are affected by the food you eat!

& then let us know how it goes by posting your photos on your Instagram page or Facebook & tagging us @mothersupperclub #mothersupperclub And/OR you can comment below ;) What did you learn about the choices you made to start off your day? Did a certain food make you feel full of energy & satisfied? Did you find yourself feeling exhausted at the 2 hour mark? Happy? Annoyed? Irritated?

We’re excited to hear how it goes for you!

P.S. And of course if you have any questions or just need support ….let us know!! We’ve got your back!!

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Nikki & Lulu